A woman was caught on video taking a phone from a display shelf at a mobile phone service centre in Woodlands at about 7pm on Thursday (Sep 26).

A Stomper, who owns CJA Family Express Mobile Service Centre with her husband, contributed a video of the incident.

She said: “My husband was manning the store on his own last night (Sep 26).

“It was about 7 plus in the evening when the lady came in to look around. 

“She requested for a tempered glass screen protector, which is all the way at the end of the other shop.

“Can see in the video that she grabbed a phone and put it in her handbag.

“She took out her wallet to pay for the tempered glass and immediately after my husband returned her change, he noticed something was missing from the display shelf.

“He was trying to recall whether that particular item was sold earlier on and called me a few minutes later.

“He asked me to playback the closed-circuit television recording and I saw the lady taking a phone. 

“We realised that it was an Oppo phone that is missing but we can’t remember the exact model.

“We haven’t made any police report yet because the item missing is not costly, but we just don’t feel settled.

“We have so many CCTVs around but I think she didn’t notice them.

“I saw that Stomp has reunited lost items with their owners and I thought it could be similar here.”

The Stomper also published the video on her shop’s Facebook page.