SINGAPORE – The crew of the HBO science-fiction series Westworld is filming in Singapore and actors Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright have left a trail of where they have been on Instagram.

Wood has been posting images of herself at the ArtScience Museum, posed against the glowing geometric shapes of the Future World exhibit. This is perhaps a nod to the series, which is set in a futuristic theme park populated by robots that allow guests the freedom to express their darkest impulses.

Wood, 31, who plays the “host”, or android outlaw, Dolores, also visited a Singapore theme park, Haw Par Villa, where she posed with a statue of a tiger; and also Marina Bay, where she sat on a giant bench, placed there as part of the Re:Bench art project which makes use of planks salvaged from the former National Stadium.

Wright, 53, plays the android and scientist Bernard Lowe on Westworld (2016 to present) and has been posting close-ups of flowers from the National Orchid Garden.

One of his posts says the garden is “one of the most gorg (gorgeous) places I’ve ever seen. Never seen so many in the open air – always before in greenhouse spaces”.

A close-up of what appears to be the inside of a boat in Changi is tagged with “Beauty in the eye”.

The show is understood to have filmed on Pulau Ubin. Ferries to Pulau Ubin depart from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Season 3 of Westworld, which will feature the Singapore locations, is expected to be released next year. The crew is expected to complete filming in Singapore next week.