A Porsche driver is being praised for netizens for kindly accepting just $1 from a cabby who accidntally hit his car.

Facebook user Fed Wu shared what happened on Thursday (Feb 13).

Earlier that day he was involved in a minor accident with a taxi that left his Porsche scratched.

He noted in his post that the cabby was “steady” and admitted it was his fault with no argument but added the cabby told him times are bad.

A day started with my car got scratches. Taxi Uncle also steady admin his fault, no argument. Told me times are bad & ask me don’t claim against him. I accepted $1 & move on.

Posted by Fed Wu on Wednesday, 12 February 2020

“I accepted $1 and [moved] on,” he said.

He shared a WhatsApp conversation between him and the cabby after the taxi driver had transferred him $200 in a private settlement.

He replied that he managed to get a cheaper reply and understood that driving a taxi amidst the spread of the coronavirus, or Covid-19, is hard and high risk.

He then offered to refund $199 to the cabby, keeping just $1 as compensation.

“It’s not easy for taxi services to make a living during [this period],” he wrote.

Netizens commented on Fed’s post, praising him for earning their respect.