Are they dating or are they not?

Actor Roy Chiu and actress Janine Chang, both Taiwanese, have been romantically linked after Taiwanese magazine Mirror Media on Wednesday (Sept 25) reported that they were seen leaving his house together and getting into the same car.

Chiu, 37, admitted through his manager on the same day that he was “working hard to woo her”.

At a press conference on Thursday, Chiu said he and Chang were dating with a view to marriage, but he would let nature take its course. He added he has not told Chang about going public with their relationship as she is currently in Europe for the Paris Fashion Week.

Chang, 37, was silent for a day before replying through her management agency that there have been quite a few rumours about her recently and she was sorry for the “trouble” caused to everybody.

Just last week, the Chinese media claimed that Chang, who won Best Actress at the Taipei Film Festival in 2008 for director Doze Niu’s movie What On Earth Have I Done Wrong?! (2007), was getting married to Chinese actor Zhang Han. In response, Chang told an online media outlet that she was not getting married soon.

Chiu, who was nominated for Best Actor at last year’s Golden Horse Awards in the movie Dear Ex but did not win, previously dated singer Rainie Yang, actress Joe Chen and actress Tiffany Tang.

Chiu and Chang have just completed a new Chinese movie, Eight-Year-Old Dad, where they played a married couple, and they reportedly travelled to Japan together after the shooting ended.

Mirror Media noted that Chang had previously denied being in relationships when asked by the media. Her relationship with Taiwanese actor Mark Chao reportedly broke down after she kept denying that they were dating.