It was her wedding day but the bride, Au Man-man, looked glum in the photographs.

Now, the woman, who married Steven Cheung, one half of Hong Kong pop duo Boyz, early in September, has posted why she appeared dejected in the pictures.

Though she revealed that it was a relief that the wedding proceeded amid the bad press over Cheung’s dumping of long-time girlfriend April Leung for Au, she also said that she still felt “nervous, worried and scared”.

She traced that uneasiness to events a month before her big day, when she received messages from other women, who claimed they had also dated Cheung, and threats of harm to her baby.

In July, Cheung posted photographs of a 100-day celebration of their son, and announced that he was marrying Au, a model.

That move sparked an online tirade from Leung, who blasted him for keeping her in the dark. She also said that he owed her money.

The public uproar also forced the cancellation of a Boyz concert at the prestigious Hong Kong Coliseum.

Au’s post also mentioned that she was yelled at by people on the streets.

Recalling her wedding day, she stated that all these thoughts were on her mind, preventing her from truly enjoying the occasion.

As an ordinary person and a first-time mother, who would not be affected by the threats and humiliating taunts, she added.

According to Oriental Daily News, Cheung, who has apologised to Leung and other women, said the messages sent to Au carried warnings of harm, with the writers saying that they recognise the baby’s face.

This forced him to accompany his wife on outings and keep their baby largely at home.

For now, the couple have not filed a police report, choosing instead to reclaim control of their life as much as possible.

Au said they have also something memorable to look forward to in 2020, when they will host a banquet to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary.

Then, her fans hope that the smile will return to her face when she poses for photos.