SINGAPORE – It is the experience that counts.

That is probably the message that home-grown singer Stefanie Sun wanted to send to her son after he failed to win in a judo competition.

Her six-year-old son was taking part in the competition for the first time and he looked crestfallen in a photo posted by her on social media.

The photo also shows three children in front taking a group photo with their prizes.

Sun wrote, “Even though you did not win any contest, participation is also considered courage.”

The award-winning pop star also has an one-year-old daughter with her husband, Dutch-Indonesian businessman Nadim Van Der Ros.

Sun, 41, rose to fame after launching her self-titled debut album in 2000, which earned her Taiwan’s Golden Melody Award for Best New Artist.

She will be celebrating her 20th year in show business in 2020 by holding a concert.