Health Check Ep 16: How to get your hawker food fix without increasing the risk of a heart attack

15:50 mins

Synopsis: In this fortnightly podcast series on Wednesdays, The Straits Times guides you to healthier living and debunks the myths with expert guests. 
In this episode, ST correspondent Joyce Teo and podcasting head Ernest Luis host Dr Michael Lim, the medical director of MWH Heart, Stroke & Cancer Centre, who’s also the honorary president of the Asian Society of Cardiology. 

He tells us:

1. How to get our hawker food fix without increasing the risk of a heart attack (1:59 mins)

2. What to take note of when it comes to high-cholesterol foods (2:57)

3. Which food products with trans fat we should avoid (6:38)

4. Which supplements to avoid (9:04)

5. If taking fish oils will help to prevent a heart attack or stroke (11:12)

Produced by: Joyce Teo and Ernest Luis

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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