SINGAPORE – Missed out on balloting for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) tickets? Here is a chance for Straits Times subscribers to win a pair to the Aug 9 celebration.

Subscribers can send in a photo of themselves dressed in red or white, and explain why the place the photo is taken in is special to them, or has a bicentennial significance to Singapore.

Twenty readers, who must be Singaporeans or permanent residents, with the best entries will be selected to win a pair of tickets each to the NDP, which is returning to the Padang for the first time since 2015.

Another 30 subscribers who participate in the contest also stand to win an NDP funpack each.

To enter the contest, subscribers can download the SPH Rewards app, look for the NDP contest under the “Rewards” tab and click on the link. They can then submit their photo with a caption of 54 words or less.

The contest ends on July 26 and all winners will be notified by e-mail from July 27.

This is the second NDP contest ST is organising. Earlier in the month, ST ran a contest, which has ended, based on an interactive graphic that traces the evolution of official NDP theme songs since 1984.

The interactive graphic reveals interesting facts about these NDP theme songs, as well as looks into what makes them stick with Singaporeans.

For instance, the word “dream” appears in 2005’s Reach Out For The Skies seven times.

This year’s NDP is themed Our Singapore and celebrates Singapore’s bicentennial.

Parade-goers for the first time will be issued LED wristbands that light up in synchronisation with the parade’s acts, allowing them to become an integral part of the show.

Other highlights include a special bicentennial segment, which features eight floats representing longstanding local institutions.

The parade will also feature a combined schools’ marching band and singalong sessions with classic NDP songs such as Stand Up For Singapore.