SINGAPORE – Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang has confirmed that she has registered her marriage with Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao.

The couple posted a photo of the two of them wearing white and smiling happily together on their respective Weibo accounts simultaneously on Thursday (Sept 19) and wrote, “We have received the well wishes. Thank you.”

Yang, 35, accepted Li’s proposal when they celebrated his 34th birthday in July. They have dated for about four years.

When she attended an event in Taipei to promote a mobile video game on Thursday (Sept 19), the singer known for hits such as Ambiguous (2005) and Rainy Love (2010) told the media she was happy to be addressed as Mrs Li.

She added that the marriage was not a spontaneous decision as they had spent some time preparing the necessary documents for the registration.

She said they preferred to keep their personal life private and had wanted a low-profile marriage registration. They have no plans for now to hold a wedding ceremony in Beijing or Taipei. The newlyweds are currently staying separately in the two cities and meet up about once per month.

Yang said she would want a simple wedding ceremony with four “nos” – no extravagant island wedding, no page boy or flower girl, no bouquet toss and no bridesmaid.

There were previous reports that her good friend, singer Will Pan, had offered to be her “bridesmaid”.

She added that she is not pregnant and she and Li have no plans to have a child soon.

Both singers will be holding their solo concerts in Singapore in the next two months – Li in October and Yang in November.