Singaporean’s artist The G3sha drops his next single today titled I’m OK. It is a coming out song to the artist’s family and the world.

The artist who released a Cantonese single Pei Pa Koa ( 枇杷膏) in April now tells the story of his personal experiences of growing up as a gay man in Singapore. The single explores his story of going through the education system and having to deal with issues in coming to terms with his sexuality in a community that isn’t welcoming.

Produced by Dudemakesbeats , I’m OK is an emotional and compelling record that goes deep into the artist’s background and tells a tale of forced repression of emotions leading to attempted suicide. The single is a detailed and powerful recount of how stereotypes can hang over a persons’ adolescence and how homophobia is still largely prevalent in Singapore.

With this Single, The G3sha hopes to empower the next generation and let them know that they are not alone.

I’m OK is available at all DSPS and streaming services from today onward (5 July). You can check out the music video here: