Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan is likely to face competition soon – from his own daughter.

Indian netizens are excited over news that 19-year-old Suhana Khan is interested in following in her dad’s footsteps.

Talk is that she may be cast in a movie soon, with Times Of India reporting that she is now doing her homework in a bid to make a classy debut on screen.

Her father will be proud to know that Suhana, who recently wrapped up her studies in London, is learning the ropes from a trusted source – his movies.

The family has a screening room in their palatial house in Mumbai.

Netizens note that Suhana has already dipped her toes in show business, with her acting debut in a short film, The Grey Part of Blue, and taking on the role of Juliet in a play called Romeo + Juliet in school.

Her father, who flew to London to watch the play, has previously said that he would not object to her Bollywood entry.

“I’d like her to be on the cover of magazines like all my heroines are, wear any kind of clothes she wants to wear, and look sexy and beautiful.

“I want her to feel attractive, beautiful and respected, and more importantly, I want her to work hard.

“I have only one mandate where she’s concerned: She can act, but she has to study first,” he told Indian media outlet DNA.

Which explains why Suhana is now studying his movies to get pointers.

She was also seen with a dance teacher in a photo online and fans all know that song and dance is a crucial element in many Bollywood movies.