It is an unusual reward for the finder of a missing dog.

The carrot comes from Adam Driver who posted in a video that the person could have a role in the actor’s movie.

Another option: He could christen the person’s child.

Driver was shooting a movie called Annette in Brussels when the dog, a nine-year-old called Javelot, ran away after it was unnerved by passing traffic, reported the BBC.

The animal belongs to the film’s director Leos Carax.

In the video put up on Thursday (Oct 3), Driver, who is seen pointing to a poster of the missing canine, says: “Javelot is our director Leos Carax’s dog. It’s the third generation of the dog, he’s had the grandfather, the father, and now Javelot.

“We were shooting a scene in a club – and we were outside, he got spooked by some of the traffic and ran off.”

The appeal for help worked, and the dog and owner are now reunited.

But there is no word if the finder will take up Driver’s invitation to feature in the musical film Annette that co-stars French actress Marion Cotillard.