SINGAPORE – As its name suggests, Tampines GreenRidges – the first Housing Board Build-To-Order (BTO) project to be completed in Tampines North – is meant to evoke mountain ridges.

Its blocks of varying heights feature green and white geometric facade panels that complement the greenery surrounding them, and are staggered to allow its residents to enjoy the view.

The pavilions and playgrounds nearby are designed to resemble timber, logs and hills, evoking a forest-like environment.

These architectural features bagged the project’s designers – LAUD Architects, in collaboration with G8A – one of the top design awards for HDB buildings.

The HDB gave out a total of 27 awards for design, construction and engineering excellence at a ceremony on Tuesday (Sept 10).

Addressing the award winners at Marina Bay Sands, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said the HDB and its private sector partners have made good progress over the years.

For instance, the average score for public housing projects under the Building and Construction Authority’s quality benchmark Construction Quality Assessment System (Conquas) has climbed steadily over the last 10 years, Mr Wong said.

City Vue @ Henderson bagged one of the top design awards for HDB buildings. ST PHOTO: GIN TAY

“Last year, the Conquas score for public housing was 92. That has surpassed the average Conquas score for private housing developments. So we can say, hand on heart, that HDB offers better quality homes than even private developments. That’s thanks to all your efforts,” he said.

Yung Ho Spring I and II, a BTO housing project in Jurong, was awarded the Conquas Star rating, the highest possible accolade for construction quality.

The project by China Construction (South Pacific) Development received the award for achieving a Conquas score of above 95 out of 100.

The HDB said in a statement that the contractor used tools like robotic camera systems to capture defects, provide documentation records and conduct checks on the quality of architectural finishes.

It also used a mobile app to better organise construction activities and coordinate work among different sub-contractors, the HDB added.