SINGAPORE – A prosecutor has sought three years and six weeks’ jail for a man who committed multiple counts of road rage and assault even after he was jailed in 2016 over similar offences.

On Monday (Sept 30), Deputy Public Prosecutor Andrew Low also told District Judge Brenda Tan that Muhammad Fuad Kamroden had committed three of the four latest offences while he was out on bail.

Defence lawyer Leslie Gregory Robert told the court that his client is sorry and understands that “he has a problem”.

Fuad, a Singaporean, has been seeking help for anger management issues since last year. He is now out on bail of $15,000 and is expected to be sentenced on Oct 31.

In July, the 35-year-old private-hire car driver pleaded guilty to one count each of causing grievous hurt to a lorry driver and causing hurt to an elderly cabby. He had also admitted to using criminal force on two other men.

The recalcitrant offender, who was sentenced to seven weeks’ jail in May 2016 for road rage, ran afoul of the law again just three months later when he attacked Mr Pek Lian Hui.

The court heard that Mr Pek, 52 was driving his lorry at a National University of Singapore carpark on Aug 12, 2016, when Fuad felt that he was moving too slowly.

He overtook Mr Pek’s vehicle and flashed him an obscene hand gesture as he passed before stopping in front of the lorry.

Mr Pek alighted, walked over to Fuad’s car and knocked on the driver’s seat window. Fuad got out of his car and punched the older man several times on his face, head and stomach. Mr Pek managed to disengage himself but when he stated that he would alert the police, Fuad rained more blows on him before driving away.

Mr Pek called the police and was taken to the National University Hospital where he was found with injuries, including multiple facial fractures.

Fuad was arrested soon after and was out on bail when he was caught in a second road rage incident on Dec 2, 2017. He pushed taxi driver Mohamed Iqbal Mohamed Sharif, 46, causing the older man to lose his balance.

DPP Bjorn Tan had earlier said that this incident occurred at a Clarke Quay taxi stand, after the left side mirror of Fuad’s car struck the right side mirror of Mr Iqbal’s vehicle.

In another incident on May 6 last year, Fuad was walking along a corridor in Vivocity shopping mall when Mr Ye Zhaojin, 37, accidentally bumped into his right shoulder.

Enraged, Fuad confronted Mr Ye before repeatedly shoving him. When an off-duty policeman stepped in, Fuad raised his voice at the officer and said it was none of his business.

Fuad attacked his fourth victim, taxi driver Tio Seng Sing, 71, after his motorcycle suddenly cut into the older man’s vehicle along Selegie Road on Feb 26 this year.

He flashed an obscene hand gesture at Mr Tio and according to an eyewitness, punched the senior citizen’s face when approached.

For causing grievous hurt, Fuad can be jailed for up to 10 years and fined or caned.