#PopVultures Ep 17: Sukki Singapora talks Singapore Social

37:33 mins

Synopsis: A podcast by The Straits Times that examines all the ins and outs of pop culture, be it Asian entertainment or Hollywood.

The Netflix reality series Singapore Social – about the lives of young Singaporeans navigating romance, family, friendship and career – has been the talk of the town. 

The show’s most colourful member, Sukki Singapora – known for her hairstyles in technicolour and burlesque performances – drops by to chat with #PopVultures Jan and Sam Jo about her experience on the show and what she thinks of the criticism the show has garnered. 
Sukki also spills the tea on how emotions ran high behind the scenes, whether the cast members are actually friends and, of course, her kaleidoscopic hair.

Join the #PopVultures as they trace Sukki’s journey from IT geek to burlesque dancer: Why and how she hustled her way into the scene, what sets burlesque apart from striptease, and how the art form represents female empowerment and sexuality.

Produced by: Jan Lee & Yeo Sam Jo

Edited by: Penelope Hannah Lee

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