SINGAPORE – E-scooter riders should be aged at least 16 and pass a theory test before they are allowed on public paths, said the Active Mobility Advisory Panel.

It issued its latest set of recommendations to the Government, which also include mandating that businesses procure third-party liability insurance to cover e-scooter riders who are riding in the course of work. These are often food delivery riders.

Dr Faishal Ibrahim, head of the panel, posted on Facebook on Friday (Sept 27) morning that he and other panel members were “deeply saddened” by the death of Madam Ong Bee Eng, a 65-year-old who collided with an e-scooter last Saturday.

Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min, in a Facebook post, said the Ministry of Transport has received the latest recommendations.

“We will study these recommendations and provide our response in due course.”

Dr Faishal said that in the year ahead, the panel will actively monitor the situation and prepare the industry and community to move towards mandatory insurance for all e-scooter users.

The panel also called for PMD riders to be at least 16 years old if they are to ride on public paths unsupervised.

“Those below the age of 16 can continue to ride under adult supervision,” Dr Faishal added.

The panel is also asking that it be a requirement for e-scooter users to pass a theory test, and to ban the use of mobile phones when riding “unless the mobile phone is mounted or used in a hands-free manner”.

For pedestrians, the panel is calling for a “code of conduct” to help them “to share paths safely”.

The panel’s move comes amid mounting calls for PMDs to be banned. A five-month-old online petition calling for the ban has garnered 45,000 signatures, as of Friday morning.

Others have called for stricter regulations and enforcement actions, and better infrastructure. Yet, others are calling for the speed limit to be brought down further to 6kmh – like in Europe. It is now 10kmh.