Once upon a time, there was a billboard promoting Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

But the advertising channel in Los Angeles was hijacked by an activist last week, who renamed the movie on it as Once Upon A Time In Pedowood.

The images of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, who star in the film directed by Quentin Tarantino, were replaced by those of Jeffrey Epstein and Roman Polanski.

Epstein is now accused of paying young women for sexual gratification while Polanski is a fugitive from the United States where he is wanted for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Trade publication Hollywood Reporter said the swop was done by a street artist known as Sabo, whose grievances include the movie industry still having links with Polanski.

Epstein has rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers in Hollywood.

Another advertisement displayed around Hollywood was replaced by one that featured the images of Epstein and Woody Allen, who was said to have abused his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was seven.

“I felt they should all share a billboard to highlight a decades-old problem that has plagued Hollywood for decades: the abuse of children,” Sabo said.

The marketing distraction did not harm the real movie at the box office.

Over the weekend, it came in at No. 2 in North America, netting more than US$40 million (S$55 million).