NEW YORK (REUTERS) – The Ice Dog Sandwich, a hot dog-flavoured ice cream sandwich with candied Oscar Mayer wieners and spicy mustard ice cream, debuts in New York’s Bryant Park.

In honour of National Ice Cream Sandwich day, processed meat company Oscar Mayer has created two flavours of “ice dog” sandwiches with sorbet producer il laboratorio del gelato.

“One is a spicy mustard ice cream and then the other is ice cream infused with candied pieces of Oscar Mayer hot dog in it,” explained hotdogger Mitch “Meat-Man Mitch” McMahon.

Five hundred samples were handed out in front of the company’s famous 27-foot-long wienermoblie at New York’s Bryant Park on Wednesday (August 14).

As customers lined up to partake in the treats, exclamations of “gross!” and “yum!” could be heard as they took a bite.

“It’s weird. It tastes like a hot dog with mustard. That’s so weird,” said Cynthia Pena.

“It’s kind of gross. Because you can like taste the hot dog with that ice cream and it’s not good,” said Chase Montavon.

The free giveaway is only for two days, while a social media contest will give people a chance to win a shipment of the frozen treats directly to their home.