A couple of Personal Mobility Device (PMD) riders were seen by Stompers riding on the road on Monday (July 22).

Stompers imLovingit and Anonymous filmed another two PMD riders on the road on Tuesday (July 23) and Wednesday (July 24) respectively.

Both Stompers shared the videos with Stomp of what they saw.

Stomper imLovingit had just hung out with his friends at SAFRA Tampines and boarded a bus along service route 168 at about 12.20pm.

While travelling along Bedok Reservoir and towards Bedok North Avenue 3, his friend told him about a PMD rider on the road.

The video shows the PMD rider zooming past the bus and stopping at a traffic light.

He told Stomp: “I looked to my right and saw the guy, so I started recording a video.

“I was thinking about why the rider wanted to be on the road and risking his life. 

“Imagine what is he got into an accident.”

Stomper Anonymous was turning into his office at Greenwich Drive when he noticed a PMD rider on the road.

The video he shared with Stomp shows the rider was near the roadside, but still on the road.

Anonymous told Stomp: “The law prohibits PMDs from being on roads and I want to create awareness about them.

“I think there is a need to step up enforcement efforts. If not, maybe PMDs should be banned completely.”