SINGAPORE – MRT commuters at HarbourFront station may undergo security screening, including metal detector checks and have their belongings scanned by X-ray machines, on Aug 2.

In their statement on Wednesday (July 17), SMRT, SBS Transit and the Land Transport Authority said the security screening is part of a joint exercise titled Exercise Station Guard and will take place between 10am and 4pm.

During the exercise, commuters entering the station will be directed towards fare gates near exits A, B, C and D for the screening while commuters exiting the station will be directed to the fare gate cluster near exit E, towards VivoCity.

Apart from a walk-through metal detector and X-ray machines, mass screening devices that can detect explosives and firearms in bags or under a person’s clothing will also be used.

Exercise Station Guard is part of the national SGSecure movement to strengthen security in public places and build community resilience against security threats.

The exercise has been conducted since February 2018 to test and validate security measures, contingency plans and operational readiness at public transport nodes during heightened security situations.

Similar exercises were conducted at Jurong East, Newton, Holland Village and Hougang stations in the past.

“Beyond ensuring operational readiness, Exercise Station Guard also serves to raise public awareness of the security threats which Singapore faces and familiarise public transport commuters with what to do during an emergency situation,” the statement said.

Commuters are advised to factor in additional time in their travel schedule for the security screening.