SINGAPORE – Twenty flights at Changi Airport were either cancelled or delayed on Saturday (Sept 14) as the haze blanketing Singapore worsened, affecting visibility.

According to the Changi Airport website, the 20 flights were delayed or cancelled as of 7.50pm.

Thirteen arrivals at Changi were disrupted, with six of them cancelled and seven delayed. Five of the six cancelled flights were scheduled to arrive from Jakarta, Bandung and Bali in Indonesia, and one from Hong Kong.

Seven departures at Changi were disrupted, with five of them cancelled, and two delayed. A few of the departures that were cancelled involved Garuda flights from Singapore to Bandung, Bali and Jakarta.

A Lion Air flight from Singapore to Jakarta was also cancelled.

The two delayed departures involved an AirAsia flight from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu and an Air India flight from Singapore to Mumbai.

Four Firefly flights scheduled to arrive at Seletar Airport from Subang were cancelled.

Four departing Firefly flights scheduled to fly from Seletar Airport to Subang were also cancelled as of 7pm.

Worsening haze conditions, as well as the lack of an Instrument Landing System (ILS) at Seletar Airport may have contributed to the flight delays.

An ILS is a precision runway approach aid that guides pilots using ground instruments so that they no longer have to rely on just their vision.

Readers may check Changi Airport’s website for more updates: