Money Hacks Ep 80: Safety and adequate returns make good investment fundamentals

10:48 min

Synopsis: Updated fortnightly on Mondays, The Business Times breaks down useful financial tips.

This episode is aimed at how to separate proper investment basics from pure speculative behaviour, even during this extended Covid crisis.

Chris Lim hosts SingSaver’s founder and country manager Rohith Murthy.

They discuss the following points:

1. Why safety and adequate returns make good investment fundamentals (1:45)

2. What are the differences between a proper investor and speculator? (2:35)

3. Ask what type of investor you are: Passive or active? (3:09)

4. Key fundamental: The stock market is not the economy (5:08)

5. Why a cash cushion is advisable during an unprecedented crisis (8:05)

Produced by: Chris Lim and Ernest Luis

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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