Maybe the couple have eyes only for each other – and did not notice the handicap parking sign.

Or maybe they think they are exempt from the usual rules since they are rich and famous, according to some folk who have since lashed out online.

The indignant storm revved up online after beauty maven Kylie Jenner, 21, posted a photo on Sunday (July 21) of her and her beau, rapper Travis Scott, 28, cosying up to each other outside a parked car.

It would have been a lovely moment, if not for the fact that the car was parked in a space reserved for the handicapped, reported Daily Mail.

That drove one netizen to post sarcastically: “Parking in a spot (for the handicapped). Real classy.”

Another netizen wrote: “The celebrity sense of entitlement does not allow you to park (anywhere). And then you have the audacity to take a photo in the spot.”

Indeed, it is hard to imagine why Kylie did not learn from a similar mistake made by her sister Kendall in the past.

Then, Kendall had also been slammed for using a parking space meant for the disabled, with her representatives later coming out to say that it was not her, but her valet who had breached the rules.

Maybe Kylie and Scott should just take an Uber ride the next time to avoid any parking controversy.