SINGAPORE – About 48,000 servings of Kellogg’s cereal will be served to more than 500 children at the PCF Sparkletots centre in Punggol North over a year following a collaboration between the North East Community Development Council (CDC) and the company.

North East District Mayor Desmond Choo announced the initiative on Saturday (July 20) and said it “signals our commitment to build a healthier North East community starting with our children, who are our future”.

“Such initiatives will tackle bigger issues at the national level, such as upward trend in childhood obesity,” he added.

Kellogg’s said the breakfast programme was aimed at giving children a good start and healthy foundation in life as many lifestyle habits acquired from a young age have a greater likelihood to continue to adulthood.

More than 300 PCF Sparkletots children and their parents sat down for a breakfast of Kellogg’s cereal at the event.

The programme also complements the North East CDC’s existing Youth Health Heroes programme that promotes family bonding and healthy lifestyles, said Mr Choo.

The collaboration is part of Kellogg’s Better Days programme that aims to tackle issues such as food security and climate change to end hunger and nourish and feed those in need.

The types of cereal provided to the pre-schoolers include Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies, which are also available at local supermarkets.

One serving of either has about 2g of sugar.

The World Health Organisation recommends a daily sugar intake of about 25g.

Kellogg’s said that it is also currently in talks with PCF Sparkletots in Marsiling to provide breakfast and nutritional education to under-privileged students.