Here is an eyewitness report, with Jennifer Garner sharing a hilarious video online over her frantic search for her reading glasses.

While rummaging through her handbag, the 47-year-old actress came up with an assortment of items, including three pairs of sunglasses, playing cards, mints and even a mini beaker, but not the object she was eyeing.

No wonder then that she said in the video: “I don’t know where my reading glasses went. They’re not in here. I quit.”

The vexed Garner also captioned her Instagram post: “Every. Single. Time. #allofthesunglassesiveeverowned #noneoftheseeingglasses.”

But she regained her reading vision after she spotted her glasses on the counter.

“I finally found them,” she announced happily.

Netizens see eye to eye with Garner, posting that they, too, have forgotten where they placed things.