It is not just lift buttons that people are stepping on to avoid touching contaminated surfaces ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Stomper William was appalled to see a pedestrian stepping on a traffic light button along Sumang Walk on Thursday (July 23), at around 6.10pm.

A video that William captured on his dashboard camera shows the man, who was in slippers, using his foot to step on the traffic light button.

William said: “This is very irresponsible.

“If he can do it here, he can do it anywhere.”

According to The Straits Times, experts have yet to establish precisely how long the coronavirus can survive on surfaces and objects.

Some studies show that coronaviruses in general could potentially survive on metal, glass or plastic surfaces for several days.

However, this is under ideal circumstances, meaning a cool and dry environment for the virus.

The best way to avoid infection from having potentially touched a contaminated surface is to refrain from touching your face with your hands, as well as to wash your hands with soap and water frequently.