SINGAPORE – The People’s Action Party (PAP) team led by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, 61, has retained Chua Chu Kang GRC, winning 58.64 per cent of the valid votes.

Of the 106,693 eligible votes, 3,879 did not cast their votes. There were 101,404 valid votes and 1,410 spoilt votes.

The PAP team’s winning margin is significantly lower that the 76.89 per cent of the vote it received in the last general election in 2015.

Mr Gan, who has been constantly in the news since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, has led the Chua Chu Kang GRC team since 2011.

The other old face in the team is Ms Low Yen Ling, 45, Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Education, Trade and Industry), who has been an MP since 2015.

The other two members of the GRC are lawyer Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim, 39, and banker Mr Don Wee, 43.

Against them was the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) with Mr Francis Yuen, 70, a former Republic of Singapore Air Force colonel, law school undergraduate Mr Choo Shaun Ming, 23, fire safety engineer Abdul Rahman Mohamad, 67, and Mr Tan Meng Wah, 57, who was previously with the Institute of Policy Studies.

The PSP received 41.36 per cent of the votes.

The two opposing teams had a very restrained campaign, with no one taking pot-shots. Instead, they tried to win over voters with their party’s line.

The PSP asked voters to support a credible opposition. The team also focused on constituency concerns, such as speeding up the completion of the two hawker centres (in Chua Chu Kang and Yew Tee) from 2026 to around 2023 if elected, so residents can enjoy lower-cost meal options.

Speaking after clinching the win, Mr Gan promised his constituents on the GRC’s Facebook page: “We will continue to work with you, to improve your lives, to improve the estate, bring people together to look after the more vulnerable among us. Every resident matters.”

Ms Low promised to “protect livelihoods and to secure a future full of hope”.

PSP’s Mr Yuen, speaking at his party’s press conference following the results, promised: “We’re going to work very hard to ensure that you trust us and know us more.”

He said his team “will continue to work the ground, we will continue to work hard to prove that we are worthy of the support come the next election.”