I applaud the Government for recognising the need to tackle mental health needs, and for setting up the Covid-19 Mental Wellness Taskforce (Task force to tackle mental health needs amid pandemic, Oct 11).

This task force will bring together multiple ministries and agencies, and I suggest adding the National Parks Board to the list.

With many people working from home now due to the pandemic, our beautiful and well-managed parks offer a free, accessible and excellent space for promoting physical and mental health.

Our parks provide much-needed respite from the confines of the flats that the majority of residents live in. However, as a regular park user, I have recently noticed increasing noise pollution from electronic devices, which robs many park users of the very serenity that they go to the parks to find. From my observation, this noise comes from three sources:

• Groups gathered at barbecue pits or gazebos, and each playing music loudly trying to drown out the noise from other groups.

• Cyclists with speakers attached to the bicycles, playing music loudly.

• Walkers or joggers watching videos or listening to music without headphones.

According to the World Health Organisation, noise is an underestimated threat that can cause a number of short- and long-term health problems.

NParks should look into this and provide guidelines and education on noise pollution in our parks.

Chittaranjan D. Raman