It has taken a monumental national effort for Singapore to arrive at this moment of our battle against the Covid-19 virus, where the number of cases of communal infection has touched zero on a number of days.

It is inevitable that with the reopening of borders and relaxation of circuit breaker measures, cases could rise in the coming months. Winter season in the northern hemisphere and our rainy year-end weather do not help matters.

Pandemic fatigue is getting more prevalent. As examples, social distancing ambassadors are less frequently seen or, when present, are performing their supervisory duties more perfunctorily.

Citizens have become more argumentative and combative when caught flouting the rules; gym users don’t mask up in between exercises and some shops don’t bother with QR code check-in anymore.

Temperature-taking at entrances to buildings or venues remain a mainstay in our Covid-19 fight, but there has been increasing use of sensor equipment to record temperatures with the wave of a hand.

These are almost completely useless; any fever would not be registered if the hand had been in contact with cold objects prior to sensor detection.

Things that are worthwhile doing should be done well, otherwise we are just going through the motions.

Any let-up and we may as well resign ourselves to a second circuit breaker.

Yik Keng Yeong (Dr)