SINGAPORE – Views from the public are being sought on how Singapore can keep its emissions of greenhouse gases low as part of efforts to help the country fight climate change.

A public consultation exercise was launched by the National Climate Change Secretariat on Tuesday (July 16) to seek feedback on measures that can be taken to contribute towards Singapore’s long-term low carbon emissions strategy. The consultation ends on Aug 30.

These measures would be actions that the Government, businesses, households and individuals can take.

Some key areas the exercise is seeking views on include the need to improve energy efficiency, encouraging responsible climate action through carbon pricing, reducing emissions from power generation, tapping alternative energy sources and using low-carbon technologies.

The long-term low emissions strategy builds on Singapore’s ongoing efforts to achieve its pledge under the Paris Agreement. Singapore has committed under the agreement to reduce its emissions intensity by 36 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030 and stabilise emissions with the aim of peaking around 2030.

As a small low-lying city, Singapore is especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels, changing rainfall patterns and rising temperatures, said the National Climate Change Secretariat in a statement on Tuesday.

These effects can affect the health of people, Singapore’s water supply and biodiversity, among other things.

“Singapore needs to do our part by further reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and embarking on a transition to a low-carbon future”, said the secretariat.

The public can view the consultation papers at or and submit any feedback or views to