Chinese pop queen Faye Wong has sparked diverse reactions among her fans for her rendition of the song, Me And My Motherland.

The patriotic song was written in 1985 by Chinese songwriters Qin Yongcheng and Zhang Li, and has been performed by famous Chinese singers Li Guyi and Han Hong. It has been performed several times in China this year as the country celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on Tuesday (Oct 1).

Th song performed by Wong was used as the theme song for the movie, My People, My Country, and the music video was released on Sept 24. The film comprised seven short stories of seven historic events which have taken place in China in the last 70 years and opens there on Monday.

The film is one of three produced by the Chinese movie industry for the milestone anniversary. It stars celebrities such as Huang Bo, Wu Jing, Ge You, Turbo Liu and Simon Yam. The other two titles are The Climbers and The Captain.

Wong’s music video of the song was shared on China’s Twitter-like Weibo by Chinese celebrities such as Huang, Liu and Yao Chen.

The 50-year-old singer, who has not released a new Chinese album in 16 years, was praised by some Chinese netizens for her unique voice and a rendition which evoked a carefree and warm feeling. However, there were others who felt that her rendition of the song was not rousing enough and also criticised her unclear articulation of some words.

There were also fans from both mainland China and Taiwan who were displeased by the political tone of the song. But there were some who leapt to her defence, saying there was nothing wrong with a Chinese singer performing a patriotic song.