SINGAPORE – More rain, with some thundery showers, can be expected in the later part of July, the Meteorological Service Singapore said on Tuesday (July 16).

Widespread thundery showers, at times heavy, can be expected on two to three days due to large scale wind convergence over Singapore and the region.

There could also be a few days of localised thundery showers for short periods of time in the late morning and early afternoon.

July’s rainfall is also likely to be slightly lower than usual.

The south-west monsoon conditions, that have been prevailing over Singapore and the region since early June, are forecast to continue for the rest of July, and persist until October.

During this period, low level winds are forecast to blow from the south-east or south-west.

In the next two weeks, the monsoon rain band is forecast to lie over northern South-east Asia and the northern South China Sea.

This is expected to bring generally dry and occasional windy conditions to Singapore and the surrounding region in the next week.

For the last two weeks of July, the daily temperature is forecast to range between 25 and 33 deg C.

The daily maximum temperature could hit around 34 deg C on some days.

On some nights, warm and humid conditions with temperatures of around 28 deg C are expected, especially when prevailing winds blowing from the south-east bring warm and humid air from the sea.

July’s weather has been drier than usual, with below-average rainfall recorded over many parts of the islandin the first half of the month.

During this period, there were thundery showers for short periods of time in the late morning and early afternoon due to strong solar heating of land areas and large-scale convergence of winds in the surrounding vicinity.

Most of the showers fell in the first week of July.

The thundery showers that fell over many areas of the island on July 8 recorded a daily total rainfall of 51.6mm at Mandai. This is the highest recorded in July so far.

There were several warm days, with the daily maximum temperature ranging between 31.1 and 34.5 deg C.

The highest daily maximum temperature was 34.5 deg C, recorded at Pulau Ubin on July 6.

There were also a few warm nights where the temperature hovered around 28 deg C, especially over the south-eastern part of the island.

The warm nights were due to warm and humid air blown in from the sea by the prevailing south-easterly winds.