Adeline Tan
The New Paper
Sep 18, 2019

An elderly man went to a nursing home to visit his wife but molested another resident there.

In January, Lau Loi Fatt, 78, a retiree, went to a nursing home to visit his wife, who had suffered a stroke twice.

While he was with her, he noticed the victim sitting in a wheelchair alone, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Yen Seow.

DPP Tan said: “The accused noted that the victim looked ‘unwell’ and both the victim’s hands were bandaged.”

The victim, 37, had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has difficulty speaking and expressing herself.

Around 30 elderly residents were performing therapy exercises near where she was seated.


Lau noticed a cockroach flying around the victim’s chest and approached her to flick it away.

He saw that her clothing was loose and her chest was partially exposed. She was not wearing a bra.

Lau then put his hand into her shirt and molested her for about 10 seconds.

A therapy assistant noticed Lau standing very close to the victim and alerted a nursing aide.

The aide saw Lau’s hand moving underneath the victim’s clothes and asked Lau what he was doing.

He did not reply and left the nursing home.

She reported the matter to a senior staff nurse and a police report was made.

Closed circuit television footage showed Lau standing close to the victim.

On Monday, he was jailed for eight months for molest.