SINGAPORE – The North-East Line (NEL) service was delayed by about 20 minutes at one point due to a signalling fault at Sengkang Station, SBS Transit said on Wednesday night (Oct 9).

Train service has since resumed.

SBS Transit tweeted at 7.50pm that the service on NEL was delayed and commuters could expect an additional travel time of about 10 minutes.

Shortly after, the public transport operator said the extra travel was 15 minutes, before updating this to about 20 minutes.

At 8.14pm, SBS Transit said free bus bridging services were available between Buangkok and Punggol.

By 8.29pm, it said service had resumed but commuters should expect an additional travel time of up to 10 minutes as SBS Transit was regulating the trains.

Free bus rides ended at 8.33pm, said the operator as it apologised to commuters.

Commuters took to social media to voice their complaints.

Twitter user Libran1035 said he was stuck in a train at Hougang Station and tweeted at SBS Transit: “Why isn’t there any staff directing us out of the train cabins and ushering us to buses to resume our journey home?”

Another user SateeshChandraB tweeted at 8.07pm: “I’m inside the train (for the) last 15 minutes (it’s not moving at all in) both directions.”