SINGAPORE – Commuters with medical conditions will now find it easier to travel on MRT trains and public buses.

From Tuesday (Oct 1), they will be able to obtain a sticker at all MRT stations, bus interchanges and TransitLink ticket offices and use it to let other commuters know that they have medical conditions and require priority seating.

The sticker is part of a new Land Transport Authority (LTA) pilot to cater to the needs of commuters with less visible medical conditions, such as chronic pain, heart disease and arthritis.

The scheme also covers those recovering from stroke or physical injuries, those undergoing cancer treatment, users of prosthetic limbs, and early-stage expectant mothers.

These commuters can bring medical certificates or doctors’ letters to the Passenger Information Centre or Passenger Information Office as evidence, if they feel comfortable doing so, the LTA said on Tuesday.

The pilot will be reviewed by the middle of next year.

“Commuters have consistently demonstrated graciousness to the elderly or expectant mothers on public transport. However, there is another group of commuters whose conditions are often hidden and yet they need seats just as much,” said Ms Priscilla Chan, LTA’s deputy group director of public transport.

“We are embarking on this visual identifier pilot to bridge the gap between commuters with invisible medical conditions and fellow commuters who now will not need to second-guess the needs of these commuters.”