BTS may be the heavyweight among South Korean boybands but that No. 1 ranking apparently does not allow the seven members to ignore their weight.

So when photos of singer Suga showed he had gained some weight and was chubbier in the cheeks, some fans lamented that he no longer looks like a pop idol.

They chided him on the Nate portal for not fulfilling his responsibilities as a celebrity to conform to what fans desire.

But other fans outside South Korea are defending Suga, 26, saying that his weight gain should be celebrated since it meant that he must be eating sensibly, and not skipping meals.

And good health is vital given that BTS, which is taking a two-month break now, has a punishing schedule to keep to.

In recent years, the group has chalked up several global tours and released a constant stream of albums.

Suga has been “looking way healthier and happier than last year so why would anyone be upset about that?” one netizen said.

Other fans noted that it was hard to please everyone, and even weight loss did not necessarily draw applause.

“If any celebrity were to lose more weight, then (there will be people who) will slam them as anorexic,” another netizen wrote.

Suga has previously spoken out about body shaming, saying that it was ridiculous to focus on such trivial matters when the world had more pressing problems to solve, such as poverty and hunger.