Personal care from a loved one is the best painkiller for a sick person.

That is the diagnosis from Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng who posted on Monday (Sept 30) about her taking time out to look after her mother.

Shingles – a painful skin condition – broke out on her mum’s waist.

To take her mind off the discomfort, Cheng, 47, held her mother’s hands while they talked and reminisced, including the time when the singer was warded in hospital with German measles, reported the Topick portal.

“My mum’s hands are especially small but she single-handedly raised five kids,” Cheng posted.

“I can’t help but kiss her” because her mother “looks like a cute child with wrinkles”.

“Companionship is a type of painkiller; love is also an intangible but powerful drug,” Cheng said.

“I hope that my love will make my mother feel less pain and even forget her discomfort.”

Addressing an issue that many adults in ageing societies are familiar with, she noted: “Parents are old now, they need us more than ever mentally and physically.

“Material items are of little significance to elderly parents. Both you and I need to love and cherish them while they’re still here.”