A dramatic video capturing an allegedly drunk man getting tasered by the Singapore police has been circulating across social media.

The footage of the incident was uploaded on Facebook page Roads.sg on Sunday night (9 June). According to the caption of the post, the incident took place at Everton Park.

In the beginning, the video showed the allegedly drunk man in an unbuttoned shirt being confronted by a pair of police officers.

Moments after, while the police officers can be seen speaking or perhaps questioning the man, the man casually took a big sip from a can he was holding in his hands – presumably alcohol.

Subsequently, two more police officers arrived at the scene.

Seemingly unsettled by the number of police officers flanking him, the man then reacted aggressively as he lunged at one of the police officers.

As a result from the escalated situation, one of the police officers behind the man drew his taser weapon and targeted at the man. The sound of a gunshot could be heard. However, the attempt to tase the man failed.

Meanwhile, the police officer who was first attacked drew his baton and struck the man on his legs with the baton in attempt to suppress the hostility.

The man did not appear to budge from the multiple blows or even abide to the police officers who kept ordering him to “Get down”.

What came next was another attempt to tase the man, and this time, the man dropped to the ground upon being tasered. The police then proceeded to apprehend him.

Watch the full video of the dramatic incident here:

Editor’s note: The video uploaded in this article has been edited into a landscape view as the original video might be somewhat difficult to view from the way it was captured.