Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng and her daughter Etta, her love child with action star Jackie Chan, have often been in the news over their acrimonious relationship.

Just two months ago, Ng said she had not met the 19-year-old for five months and that her daughter did not even pick up her phone call.

But they seem to have taken steps to patch up their differences, with Ng saying on Monday (Sept 23) that their relationship has improved recently.

The actress famous for roles in TVB serials such as Old Time Buddy – To Catch A Thief (1998) and Legal Entanglement (2002) turned 46 on Monday and was asked by the media if her daughter has celebrated her birthday.

“She has gone out for a meal with me recently, but it was not to celebrate my birthday,” Ng said. “Birthdays can be celebrated every day if needed, and I have not celebrated mine after turning 18 years old.”

The actress said progress has been made in her relationship with her daughter, as they are now aware of each other’s boundaries and know which topics to avoid when they speak to each other.

“It used to be a parent-child relationship, but it is now one between friends,” she was quoted by Ming Pao Daily News as saying.

She admitted in an earlier interview with Hong Kong’s Next magazine that she did not have a good temper and had used strong words on Etta. But she added that she has now learnt to keep her temper in check and speak calmly to her daughter.

Ng, who is still single, said she does not have any suitors and would let nature take its course. She added that Etta did not ask her to find a partner.

Meanwhile, Etta’s marriage with Canadian Internet celebrity Andi Autumn is reportedly on the rocks, but Next magazine reported in July that they were spotted shopping together with their dog at the Mong Kok shopping district in Hong Kong.