Four officers held down a 35-year-old drunk man who has been arrested after causing trouble at a coffeeshop along Woodlands Drive 50 at about 10pm on Saturday (Sep 7).

Several Stompers shared with Stomp a video of the four police officers who were trying to restrain the man.

In the video, two officers are trying to speak to the man. The man manages to pull away as one of the officers try to hold onto his arm.

The man attempts to resist as he is being held against a pillar. The officer can be heard going: “Wait, wait.”

The man constantly pushes against the officer and can be seen swinging towards the other officer, who is a female. 

The man lumbers around as the male officer tries to hold onto him and this is when two more officers arrive at the scene.

A man in a black top joins in and manages to pull the man onto the ground before shouting: “Get it down!”

Two more police officers arrive after the handcuffs are put on. 

Responding to a Stomp query, the police said: “At about 10pm on Saturday (Sep 7), the police received a report that a drunk man was causing trouble at a coffeeshop along Woodlands Drive 50.

“A 35-year-old man was subsequently arrested for public nuisance.

“Police investigations are ongoing.”