SINGAPORE: 25 heavy vehicle drivers were handed traffic summonses for range of offences in an enforcement operation across multiple locations in Singapore on Thursday (Aug 15).

The offences included speeding and failing to keep to the left.

Heavy vehicle covert op 03

A Traffic Police officer observing traffic ahead on the road. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

Following two Traffic Police (TP) officers on the operation, CNA observed that other drivers were stopped for not wearing their seatbelts, or not properly displaying the speed limit sticker at the rear.

Heavy vehicle covert op 04

A heavy vehicle driver was caught for speeding on West Coast Highway and his particulars taken down. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

Heavy vehicle covert op 05

A Speed Limiter Inspection Notice is handed to a heavy vehicle driver for speeding on West Coast Highway, Heavy vehicles have a maximum speed limit of 50kmh. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

Heavy vehicle covert op 07

A heavy vehicle driver reacts after being let off with a warning for having the speed limit sticker at the rear of his vehicle partially concealed. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

“TP takes a serious view of heavy vehicle drivers who flout traffic rules as heavy vehicles are capable of causing greater damage and loss of lives when involved in accidents,” it said in a news release. 

It added that there were 776 accidents involving heavy vehicles in 2018, up from 765 the year before.

26 people were killed in such accidents in 2018, down from 34 the year before. 

1,174 were injured in these accidents last year, up from 1,143 in 2017. 

Thursday’s TP enforcement operation was conducted jointly with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and National Environment Agency (NEA).

Heavy vehicle covert op 01

Officers from the Traffic Police, Land Transport Authority and NEA gather for a briefing before commencing the joint operation against errant heavy vehicle drivers. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

Heavy vehicle covert op 02

Land Transport Authority officers preparing to set off on the operation against errant heavy vehicle drivers. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

One heavy vehicle driver received an NEA summons for vehicular smoke emission. 

In addition, LTA officers found 39 offences, including improper licence plates, tinted windows and vehicle overloading.

More than 20 officers from the three agencies were deployed for the operation. 

Other officers were also deployed with police speed laser cameras at various locations across Singapore.

Heavy vehicle covert op 09

A Traffic Police officer with a Police Speed Laser Camera on an overhead bridge on the PIE towards Tuas. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

Heavy vehicle covert op 08

The Police Speed Laser Camera is a manned speed camera that is as small as a DSLR. (Photo: Jeremy Long)